Pyzel Phantom Electralite EPS
Pyzel Phantom Electralite EPS

Phantom Electralite EPS

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The Phantom is the middle child in the Ghost Family, a step-down version of John John Florence's current favourite model (the Ghost) and designed to be your go-to board for everyday conditions.

When we first brought out the Ghost we had no idea that its' unique design would come to be embraced by so many people in so many different types of waves. However, the feedback we kept hearing was that it was best in waves shoulder-high and up, so we looked at making a step-down board that would bring that same feel to the head-high and under days that make up most of our daily surf sessions.

The Phantom is a Ghost squashed down, souped-up, and with added volume, great for your everyday sessions in less than epic conditions.

We left the same Ghost rocker but added more single concave to flatten it out through the centre, helping to create speed and flow without taking away from the overall performance or feel of the original design.

The added width in the tail and nose create a more parallel, fuller outline that helps keep speed up through slower sections and tight turns.

The rails are full but not chunky, giving you more floatation and speed without taking away the sensitivity that we all love in our boards.

Best in waist-high to overhead waves of all types the Phantom is your daily driver with a high-performance edge.

Ride it around your height, a touch wider and about the same thickness as your Ghost.

We use Stringerless EPS blanks and Epoxy resin, custom-designed Web-Fused Carbon reinforcement strips on the bottom and deck for long-lasting, resilient flex memory, and we glass them with 4-ounce bottoms and 6/4 ounce decks. The result is a very light board with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, added flotation for better paddle power, with a fresh and lively feel.